“Endometriosis is a complex, chronic disease that needs to be handled only by an endometriosis specialist”

What is Endometriosis ?

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissues inside the uterus start to spread into the abdomen and onto the ovary. This condition can cause pain (sometimes severe) and may lead to infertility, bowel and bladder problems. It affects between 6 and 10 percent of women of reproductive age worldwide. Studies show that removing the endometriosis reduces the pain associated with it and increases fertility rates by about 68%. Dr. Surakhshith offers some of the most effective treatments for this complex and often debilitating disease.

Dr. Surakshith’s Holistic Approach to Treating Endometriosis

Dr. Surakshith has successfully operated hundreds of women with endometriosis. As a compassionate doctor, he understands that endometriosis can decrease the quality of life either by causing infertility or pelvic pain. As you are trying to fight off the disease at any given moment, his entire focus is on helping you get your healthy life back. With the treatment he provides, he ensures that every visible lesion of the disease is fully removed. Improving the quality of your life is our ultimate goal. Studies show that removing the endometriosis reduces the pain associated with it and increases fertility rates by about 68%

When should you consult with us?

If you notice any of these below-mentioned symptoms remain for a longer periods contact Dr. Surakhshith for an initial consultation.

· Long-term pelvic and lower-back pain

· Heavy menstrual bleeding

· Normal occurrences of blood in urine or stool

· Feeling fatigue most of the time

· A constant feeling of nausea and vomiting

· Periods lasting longer than one week

· Bleeding between periods

· Pain during intercourse

Why Choose Dr. Surakshith for your treatment?

Improving the quality of life of the patients is his ultimate goal. Although treatment for endometriosis usually involves medication or surgery, Dr. Surakshith will choose the best approach after determining how severe your signs and symptoms are and the chances of you becoming pregnant. Dr. Surakshith always recommends conservative treatment approach but he doesn’t waste time opting for medical management if initial treatments fail. With his years of experience dealing with endometriosis day in and day out, he uses his retroperitoneal dissection techniques to ensure the ureter remain safe throughout the surgery.


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