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Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that may develop in or around the uterus. The symptoms of fibroids can be heavy periods, extreme lower back pain, abdominal pain, constipation, pain (discomfort) during sex. It can cause infertility or even affect pregnancy. About 50% of women have fibroids (1 in 3 women developing them at some point in their life) and their sizes can range from 1-15 cm on average.

Dr. Surakshith will recommend the best course of treatment for fibroids upon knowing the severity of the symptoms, the size of the fibroids, the woman’s health and age. The treatment may be surgical, pharmaceutical or even a combination of both. However, it is important to understand that although medical options are available the best option is to plan for surgical a surgical removal. The surgery conducted for the treatment of fibroids is laparoscopic myomectomy.

When should you consult with Dr. Surakshith

The symptoms of fibroids usually depend on the size and location of the fibroids. If the fibroids are small in size, they usually don’t show any symptoms and can only be identified with the help of vaginal ultrasound. If the size increases, the following symptoms may occur:

· Frequent urination

· A large amount of blood during periods and between the intervals

· Extreme pain during periods

· Constipation

· Pain during intercourse

· Abdominal pain or lower back pain

· Recurrent miscarriages or premature births

· Infertility

Why choose Dr. Surakshith?

Dr. Surakshith has many years of experience in performing Fibroid surgery or Laparoscopic myomectomy. He is known for delivering top-quality surgery combined with a dedicated approach and active commitment to personalized care for the comfort of his patients. Using innovative techniques, the team is able to bring the blood loss down to just a few ml . The team also uses specialized bag called endo-bags to retrieve the fibroid pieces from the abdomen thus avoiding spill of the fibroid particles inside the body.


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