Hymenoplasty is a medical procedure of restoring or reconstructing the hymen which is a very thin layer covering the vaginal opening. This procedure is also known as hymen reconstruction , hymen repair , hymen surgery or hymenorrhaphy.
This procedure is possibly the most secretive and controversial of all cosmetic gynec procedures because it can typically “re-virginise” the patient. In many cultures it is considered as a sing of honor and a sign of sexual chastity. And the non-presence of a hymen has led to issues like cancelling of marriages , public humiliation , abuse and sometimes even death.

This procedure is mostly performed because several cultures around the world demand the women have a hymen before marriage. Doctors usually perform this procedure out of moral obligation for the safety of the women who request it.
There are instances where a couple also demand this procedure to comply with the ritual of marriage or in some instances to celebrate a “second honeymoon”.

Hymenoplasty for some women is purely like any cosmetic procedure and improves their self esteem . This procedure should not be confused with a vaginal tightening procedure like vaginoplasty. This procedure has no direct medical benefit and the absence of a hymen is not a sign of previous intercourse.

Reasons for Hymenoplasty
  • Reclaiming control after a sexual assault
  • Burying the past
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Accidental tearing of the hymen
  • Enhancement of sexual pleasure
  • Second honeymoon

The surgery can take anywhere from 1-2hours depending on the amount of repair needed. It is important to withhold sex for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.

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