“A Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr. Surakshith Lets You Go Home The Same Day.”

Laparoscopic or “minimally invasive” surgery is a type of surgery in which smaller cuts (generally 2-3 tiny 5 mm incisions) are made on the abdomen instead of one large 10 cm incision. It ensures that the patient has small scars, minimal pain, lesser hospital stay, and quick healing. As it is with traditional open surgery, we often recommend laparoscopic surgery to patients as it is really safe.

Dr. Surakshith, the best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Anna Nagar, Chennai has made a name for himself by performing numerous successful Laparoscopic surgeries. He firmly believes that if laparoscopic surgery can help treat the condition then there is no need for open surgery. His various innovative techniques of blood loss control and cosmetic incisions , he has benefitted several patients from around the globe who travel for his daycare surgeries.

Conditions Dr. Surakshith Can Treat With Laparoscopic Surgery

· Endometriosis

· Ovarian cysts & PCOS

· Fibroids

· Pelvic Organ Prolapse

· Pelvic pain

· Ectopic Pregnancy

· Stress Urinary Incontinence

· Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic surgery

Benefits of Choosing Dr. Surakshith for Laparoscopic Surgery

Decreased Blood Loss, Pain, and Discomfort – Large open wounds are avoided with laparoscopic surgery and it helps in ensuring less pain and discomfort for the patient. With tiny incisions, there is minimal blood loss.

Swift Recovery – As traditional open surgery takes time for complete recovery, laparoscopic surgery lets you walk out of the hospital within 1-2 days.

Cosmetically Superior – the scar wounds from traditional open surgery are quite visible and remain permanent. However, the scars of laparoscopy are only 5 mm and this means that they can actually disappear within 6 weeks.

Minimal Infection Rates – As compared to traditional open surgery, the risks of getting infected are really low.

Why Choose Dr. Surakshith?

Dr. Surakshith is a highly qualified and trained Laparoscopic specialist in Anna Nagar, Chennai who has vast expertise in simplifying even the most complex of surgeries through laparoscopy. He specializes in performing painless and cosmetically scar-less procedures. As he has spent years in mastering and fine-tuning laparoscopy, the gained experience empowers him to manage all complications laparoscopically. He has once removed a fibroid almost 2.5kg from the abdomen through laparoscopy alone.

If you’re being told by your consultant that open surgery is the right option, it is best to get a second opinion. You can consult with Dr. Surakshith – best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Anna Nagar, Chennai, he will be able to evaluate if laparoscopic surgery could be a possibility or not.

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