Cervical incompetence is a well-known condition in obstetrics with an incidence of 1 %, and is associated with a high risk of second trimester abortion .The main problem of CI is its diagnosis as it is not associated with specific symptoms and can only be postulated on the basis of the patientʼs obstetric history.

The traditional surgical treatment for cervical insufficiency consists of vaginal placement of cervical stitches, known as transvaginal cervical cerclage or Mc Donald’s Stitch. Compared to the outcomes if no treatment is done, prophylactic cervical cerclage reduces the incidence of preterm birth in selected women at risk of recurrent preterm delivery .

Laparoscopic Cerclage (a.ka. Bionic Cervix) is a highly specialised procedure involving the laparoscopic placement of mersilene tape in patients with repeated vaginal cervical stitch failures.